Society Encouraging the Arts in Bayport-Blue Point Schools

SEA-BBS is Bayport-Blue Point's booster organization for the Cultural Arts.  SEA-BS Hosts many events and activities throughout the school year, as well as providing numerous annual scholarships to Bayport-Blue Point students.

Please visit the SEA-BBS Website HERE

SEA-BBS Performing Arts Showcase 2018

All-District Band Recordings

March Militaire

A Quiet Rain

Musi for the Royal Fireworks


All-District Chorus Recordings

Singing Freedom's Song

For the Beauty of the World

Tue, Tue

In The Name of Music

All-District Orchestra Recordings

Fiddles at Shady Gulch

Mozart Serenade and Dance


All About That Bass

Senior Performing Arts Award Recipients Recordings

Kevin Polanish

Shannon Conrad