Society Encouraging the Arts in Bayport-Blue Point Schools

SEA-BBS is Bayport-Blue Point's booster organization for the Cultural Arts.  SEA-BS Hosts many events and activities throughout the school year, as well as providing numerous annual scholarships to Bayport-Blue Point students.

Please visit the SEA-BBS Website HERE

SEA-BBS Performing Arts Showcase 2019

All-District Band Recordings

Wingate March

Voodoo Dance


Patriotic Bits & Pieces

All-District Chorus Recordings

Come Lift Your Voice


Peace Song

Swingin' With The Saints

All-District Orchestra Recordings

Stone Mountain Stomp

March of the Meistersingers


Over the Rainbow

Senior Performing Arts Award Recipients Recordings

Erin Savino

Matthew Nolan

Connor Teague

Alisa Barsch

Julia Johnson

Aidan Conklin

Graceann Sulima

Brian Feddern

Emily Phua